About Red Stone Craft

Before you ask, Red Stone has been named after the beautiful Rooiberge (or Red Mountains) which surround our village of Clarens, where we are based. And we think that’s fitting since their fertile soils provide us with all the delicious fruits we need for our craft products!
Red Stone Craft was born from a passion that the brewer of Clarens Brewery, Stephan Meyer, has for distilling and fermenting products from fruits. We started out with our cider range, well known for the cherry and berry ciders, and quickly added gin, liqueurs, and juices to the range. Yet to come is other distillate but watch this space…
All our products are hand crafted right here in Clarens, with fruits from the region (OK – we don’t have pineapples in the Free State but our Durban friends do and send us juice).
Be sure to visit our Gin Bar – right behind Clarens Brewery, where we will guide you through a tasting of craft gins which includes our own and those from other distillers in SA. And who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy a delicious G+T with us?
All our products are available at our fabulous little brew-pub, Clarens Brewery, right next door.

Fruit Liqueurs

Never a man to let anything go to waste, Stephan started experimenting with making liqueurs out of cherries not fit for market sales but were still delicious and juicy. Since that day, we’ve added apricot, berry, apple and quince to the range. These are all fruits are found in abundance in our area. We’ve added coffee to the range, given that we have the fabulous Highland Coffee Roastery right here in Clarens, and also Hazelnut, since we roast nuts for our Clarens Brewery Hazelnut infused ale.


Our pure fruit ciders were born out of a love for cider following a trip to France, and the need to use all the apples in our orchard. We got our hands on a rudimentary fruit mill and balloon press from Italy and did some fabulous (and some truly terrible) trails. A belated thanks to all our friends and family for their endurance!

The classic apple cider was our first; it took us 3 years to get to the right product which we launched in 2005. Feeling confident that we were onto something great, we imported an industrial apple press from Austria just as a reward. And what a reward that has been - we currently press 3000 litres per day, 100 days of the year.

Other fruit flavours quickly captured the imagination of Stephan, and cherry cider, berry cider and pineapple cider were quickly added to the range. He is currently working on an apricot cider….

All the ciders are pure fruit, preservative and additive free. Bottles need to be refrigerated and can last for 2 months.

Red Stone GIN

Red Stone GIN 43% ALC/ VOL

Our Red Stone Craft Gin is an authentic Orchard to Bottle gin. First we harvest, crush and ferment apples nurtured in our own orchard a stone’s throw from our distillery. After fermentation we put the cider through a double purity distillation process which gives Apple Schnapps of a superior quality. We infuse this schnapps with a unique selection of imported herbs and botanicals, juniper being the base. This rich, smooth, flavoured infusion is once again distilled in our beautiful, specially designed Gin still where we collect only the highest quality, most balanced runnings.

Tasting notes:

This crystal clear botanical gin, with it’s refreshing bouquet of fruit and juniper, melts over the tongue with a slight sweetness of fruit and berries, ending with the balanced yet complex earthy tranquillity and warmth of alcohol. Enjoy with a high quality Tonic or Bitter Lemon. Garnish with lemon to enhance the fruitiness, or cucumber to explore the earthy tones.

GIN & Tonic

Red Stone Classic Gin & Tonic 5% ALC/VOL

We care about your gin experience when not at home and to that end,we’ve blended our deliciously fruity Red Stone Craft Gin with our own craft tonic water and bottled it to create a perfect ready to drink Gin & Tonic. (We believe it to be the first in SA but hey, who are we to say?)
Pop some ice and a lemon in your picnic basket to enjoy the perfect summer drink.

Fruit Juices


With such a fabulous apple press, we wanted to offer something special to the non-alcohol drinkers and little ones who visit our brew-pub and started offering fresh carbonated apple juice. People responded very well and today we have added cherry (of course!) and pineapple, both a blend with apple.

These juices are pure fruit juices, preservative and additive free. Bottles need to be refrigerated and can last for 2 months.

Find Our Products

We’d love for you to come and visit our gorgeous gin bar in the fabulous little village of Clarens or our brew-pub right next door.
If you really can’t make the trek out to our village with all it has to offer, don’t despair!

The uber-cool Capital Craft in Menlo Park and Centurion has our cherry and berry cider, granadilla cider as well as our delicious Gin+Tonic ready-to-drink and our delicious pure fruit juices available in bottles for your enjoyment.

For outlets that will assist in keeping the balance in your fridge just right…TOPS Hillcrest, Durban carries our ciders, our gin and G+T ready-to-drink pre-mix. A truly awesome store with a fabulous team behind it.

  • Loco Liquor Crowthorne, Jozi carries all our ciders, our gin and G+T ready-to-drink pre-mix. Rafael and his team are craft enthusiasts! Visit them for a great range
  • TOPS Radiokop, Jozi carries some of our ciders, as well as our G+T ready-to-drink pre-mix. Well-deserved status as one of the best places to get craft beer in Jozi


The year is almost over but…

  • SA On Tap DURBAN on 12 August 2017.
  • Potch Round Table Craft Beer Festival at The Snowflake, Potch, 26 August 2017
  • Clarens Craft Beer Fest 23 & 24 February 2018.

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