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Red Stone Craft has been named after the beautiful Rooiberge (or Red Mountains) which surround our village of Clarens, where we are based. And we think that’s fitting since their fertile soils provide us with all the delicious fruits we need for our craft products!

Red Stone Craft was born from a passion that the brewer of Clarens Brewery, Stephan Meyer, has for distilling and fermenting products from fruits. We started out with our cider range and quickly added gin, liqueurs, and juices to the range. All our products are hand crafted right here in Clarens, with fruits from the region (OK – we don’t have pineapples in the Free State but our Durban friends do and send us juice).

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We have a range of Gin, G & T Premixes, Liqueurs, Ciders and Sparkling Juices.

CRAFT GIN 43% Alc/Vol

Our gin is an authentic Orchard to Bottle gin. We crush apples from surrounding farms, ferment into cider, and then double distil the cider to produce Apple Schnapps of a superior quality. This is then infused with a unique selection of herbs and botanicals, juniper being the base. This rich, smooth, flavoured infusion is once again distilled in our beautiful, specially designed Gin still where we collect only the highest quality, most balanced runnings.

Tasting notes:

All three our flavour are crystal clear with a bouquet of fruit and juniper, melting over the tongue with a slight sweetness of fruit and berries, ending with the balanced yet complex earthy tranquillity and warmth of alcohol. Enjoy with a high quality Tonic or Bitter Lemon. Garnish the Classic with lemon to enhance the fruitiness, or cucumber to explore the earthy tones. Sweet citrus compliments the Brambleberry and Blueberry best, giving an extra fruit punch.

G&T pre-mix 5% Alc/Vol

We care about your gin experience when not at home and for your convenience we’ve blended our deliciously fruity Red Stone Craft Gin with our own craft tonic and craft juices to create a perfect ready to drink Gin & Tonic.

Available in 7 flavours for 275ml bottles, 4 flavours in 300ml cans and 4 flavours in 440ml cans, simply pop some ice and garnish of your choice in your picnic basket to enjoy the perfect summer drink.

G&T Pre-mix Alcohol Free

When you want the enjoyment of a refreshing G&T without the alcohol, our alcohol free, sparkling G&T range offers 3 delicious, refreshing options that are alcohol free without any compromise on taste. Serve these are you would their alcoholic cousins, with ice and a garnish of choice.

Cider 5% Alc/Vol

Our pure, refreshing, preservative and additive free fruit ciders were born out of a love for cider following a trip to France, and the need to use all the apples in our orchard. The classic apple cider was our first; other fruit flavours quickly captured the imagination of Stephan, and cherry cider, berry cider and pineapple cider were quickly added to the range.

Available in 330 ml bottles with the Mixed Berry available in a 440ml can.
Bottles need to be refrigerated and consumed within 2 months.

Sparkling Juice

Our delicious sparkling juice range is 100% from apples in the region which we juice ourselves on the same press that we use for making cider. We blend the apple juice with juice from the finest local cherries, with our granadillas and pineapples sourced from across SA.

Available in 330ml bottles or 300ml cans.


With an abundance of fruit in our area and a love of fruity beverages, our distiller Stephan starting experimenting with fruit liqueurs. Our range includes cherry, apple, berry, apricot and quince. With the fabulous Highland Coffee Roastery on our doorstep, it was a natural progression to add a coffee liqueur to the range.

The Apricot and Coffee were both awarded Michelangelo silver medals in 2018!

Sip as an aperitif or pour over ice cream for a deliciously fruity, smooth experience.

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